Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In the Sub-continent Maulana Sheikh Abdus Salam is an important Force of Peace Against Violent Tactics and Extra-Judicial Killings

10 Nov.2009

In the evening of 2nd November 2009 Maulana Sheikh Abdus Salam was shown arrested and on 6 days police (CID) remand in the case of 21 August grenade blast at Awami League meet in Dhaka. At the end of 6 days remand he has again been taken on 4 days remand.

The authorities know very well that Maulana Salam is innocent. Yet they acted under a pre-determined agenda pushed by foreign intelligence and instigated by their local mercenaries and collaborators in the media and civil society (viz. Ain Shalish Kendra ASK, Hotline Bangladesh, Daily Star Group, Reporters Unity - all receive fund and guidance from DFID and British intelligence) .

The truth is that in the Sub-continent Maulana Sheikh Abdus Salam is an important force of peace against violent tactics and extra-judicial killings.

01 Nov.2009

At about 10 a.m. of 1st November 2009 Chief of Islamic Democratic Party (IDP) Maulana Sheikh Abdus Salam for the Second time was abducted by government agents in civil dress from the premises of Dhaka Court after he had duly attended the court of Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate-2. He was on bail granted by High Court.

He duly arrived at the Dhaka Court and met his lawyer in the early morning i.e. 9:30 a.m. and completed his formal appearance before the Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate-2. After he had left the court room his lawyer went to another court room and Maulana Salam was alone on his way to leave the court premises. Reliable sources informed that Maulana Salam was abducted by government agents at around 10:15 a.m.

Lawyers informed us that in recent days many people have been abducted by Government agents in similar way and are kept in unknown custody for weeks without producing in any court - and after such illegal custody one day the victim is produced to the court as accused in any old bad case.

We are worried whether any foreign or local vested interest wants to eliminate Maulana Salam since he is the key person for our efforts to engage religious Muslims in non-violent civil movement.

Torture in Custody to compel the victim to sign false statement created by government agents as per pre-determined agenda continues to be a serious problem in Bangladesh.