Sunday, November 1, 2009

If the liberal space for Islamic clerics and activists is not shrunken, they are unlikely to choose the path of armed struggle in Bangladesh

Schooling Faith in Islam

Dear Friends,

BBC journalist Mr. Roland Buerk in his report of 26/2/2005 had expressed his concern about "Schooling Faith" in Islam.

The root of the problem lies in some Englishmen’s obsession to rule the world forever. European Renaissance and Industrial Revolution in Europe created vested interests who want to rule the world forever by the vices and institutions of atheism, materialism, colonialism, opportunism, hedonism, fornication and such other perversions and evils.

Those who do not have the compassion to look after their parents at their old age, want to teach the Afro-Asian nations about Human Rights and Good Governance. Obviously their aim is neither Human Rights nor Good Governance. Their aim is to promote their domination over the world forever. And that's nonsense. And they are already losing this battle.

I have been a member of Bangladesh Khelafat Andolon for more than 25 years and I am very close to the Islamic Clerics and Non-Gov't Madrasa system (i.e. Quaumi Madrasa) and its pupils and teachers. I honestly and sincerely support the Talebans and the freedom fight in Afghanistan and Iraq, though I agree that they are human beings and they are not immune from prejudices, wrongs and errors. But like my compatriots I strongly pursue a policy of not taking up arms in Bangladesh so long we enjoy Freedom of Expression.

Founder of Bangladesh Khelafat Andolon, Late Hazrat Maulana Muhammadullah Hafezzee Huzur (Peace of God be upon him), is one of the founders of the Non-Government Madrasa System in Bangladesh. He used to say in both indoor and public meetings, "Muslims are our brethren in religion, but Hindus and non-Muslims are our kin. We are all descendents and children of same parents Adam & Eve (Blessings of God be upon them)."

But BBC's Mr. Roland Buerk's local guide took him to the so-called madrasa child student in Narayangonj who said to Burek "I want to spread Islam, to convert Hindus into Muslims". I am sure this part of the report is blatant lie.

There is no record that Madrasa students after graduation engage themselves in missionary activities to convert the Hindus to Islam. But the Christian Missionaries are doing it, usually backed by western fund while Christians themselves in the West are deserting their churches.

Soon after BBC’s report, I sent faxes and e-mails to BBC expressing my curiosity to meet Mr. Burek's guide and the so-called Madrasa student he interviewed. They never responded. Most likely because it was a concocted story in line with the campaign to pressurize the administration to crackdown on Islamic institutions in Bangladesh.

The fact is that the Non-Gvernment Islamic Madrasa in Bangladlesh (i.e. Quaumi Madrasa) are NGO Islamic schools which are struggling to protect and promote Islamic Heritage & Culture. Literacy in Islamic scripts and orientation in righteous pious life is their main concern.

It is true that situation for quick growth of Islamic militancy all over the world exist. But if the liberal space for Islamic clerics and activists is not shrunken, they are unlikely to choose the path of armed struggle in Bangladesh. Best regards,

Kazi Azizul Huq,
International Affairs Secretary
Bangladesh Khelafat Andolon