Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Divine Recognition is Enough -Shah Ataullah (Re: Qaumi Madrasa Sanad (certificate) recognition controversy)


DHAKA, 12 Oct.2016: Bangladesh Khelafat Andolon chief, Ameer-e-Shariat Hazrat Maulana Shah Ataullah Ibne Hafezzee Huzur said, Darul Uloom Deobond since its foundation has been serving the religion for about 150 years with the cooperation of the Muslim nation. Till date Darul Uloom Deobond have not demanded any recognition from the government. But the government voluntarily accorded recognition to the certificate of Deobond. Similarly we (as followers of Deobond) do not seek government recognition. Teachers and students of Qaumi madrasas teach-learn for the sake of Allah’s pleasure, not for seeking employment. Divine recognition is enough for them. Those who seek education for preparing themselves for employment do not enroll as student in Qaumi madrasas; rather from the beginning they choose government controlled madrasas for their education.  We have no objection if the government unconditionally and voluntarily accord recognition to “Qaumi Sanad” (Qaumi madrasa certificate). But any deception in the pretense of recognition will be resisted. Hazrat Hafezzi Huzur (R.A.) used to say “Seeking government recognition tantamount to treachery and deception with Deobondi track”.  For “Qaumi Sanad” we seek neither evaluation nor recognition from the government. Whatever we seek, we seek from Allah. 

On 11 October 2016 Tuesday, Hazrat Shah Ataullah was exchanging his views with the clergies at Jamia Nooria Islamia of Kamrangirchar, Dhaka.

Maulana Ataullah further said, any step or tactic to control Qaumi madras would not be good for the government. We do not want any harm for the government. Hazrat Hafezzi Huzur (R.A.) said, Qaumi madras of this country are fortresses of Islam. Allah Rabbul Alamin has been protecting Islam in our age by His fortresses. Therefore, those who want to harm Allah’s fortresses shall suffer consequences. Qaumi madrasa teachers and students will resist any decision that goes against its track (Debondi Maslak).

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