Saturday, February 21, 2009

GAZA Issue : Excerpts of a Letter from Kazi Azizul Huq to Dr. Richard L. Benkin

Gaza issue is being exploited mainly by the secularists and atheists ... to promote hatred against Israel and U.S.  

One of the aims of the British administration and their collaborators seems to divert world attention from the genocide and atrocities in Iraq & Afghanistan to Gaza. We understand that Afghanistan and Iraq were occupied under long-term British policy who after failures in Iraq have preferred to go low profile and did everything possible to bring new administration in the US and divert all blames to President Bush. Many people seem to have forgotten that Britain created the false dossier to instigate President Bush to start the War on Iraq.

Local leading British agent Daily Star Group (The Daily Star, Daily Prothom Alo, ABC FM Radio, etc.) is taking a lead in organizing the hate campaign against Israel and US exploiting the current Gaza issue. ..Mr. Sanaullah Lablu, a key resource person of Daily Star Group and currently Chief News Editor ABC FM Radio of Dhaka, in a talk-show on media reports urged the new Bangladesh Prime Minister herself to participate street demonstrations and organize country-wide demonstrations on Gaza issue. The obvious aim is to pressurize the new Administration of Bangladesh to actively engage in anti-Israeli and anti-US stand and block our 2-years efforts to go into state to state relation with Israel and implementation of the Israel-Palestine Two State solution.

In our letter dated 7 May 2007 we wrote to Muslim leaders of Iran and Saudi Arabia: 

..."it is time to understand that the Jews, Israel & USA are not the prime enemy of the Muslims. British Government has been the prime enemy of the Muslims and of the believers. The British Government is the prime mover of God-less culture and values. They are trying to De-Faith the Muslim societies. They are trying to undermine marriage, promote fornication, and introduce Live-together and Gay culture in our societies. They have been promoting the fight between the Jews and Muslims to rule the world. We think, it is time for the Muslims and the Jews and the oppressed peoples of the world to unite to foil all British conspiracies to keep their God-less evil political/cultural domination over the world." 

You may remember that in my mail to you dated 28 May 2008 I wrote : 

"I came to know that Indian and British governments do not want relation between Bangladesh & Israel and the current ruling elite of Bangladesh is obeying them. BD Gov't has not lifted travel ban though Bangladesh Khelafat Andolon has repeatedly told the government that it is the religious right of the Muslims and Christians of this country to pay visit to Holy places in Jerusalem & Palestine." 

On 13 February 2008 I wrote to you:
..."we are concerned whether any secret vested interest within British administration is instigating HAMAS to continue the provocative rocket-firing from Gaza. While PLO leaders and members are too corrupt and unreliable to lead any nation, HAMAS could be the rational choice to lead the Palestinians towards implementing the Two State Solution. But unfortunately both Israeli Government and majority of Jewish population are overwhelmed with prejudices against HAMAS, while HAMAS enjoys greater support of Arabs and Muslims all over the world. And if HAMAS becomes an instrument in the hands of British secret vested interests - for the time being there is little hope for Palestine & Israel and Muslims & Jews. I urge you to go deep into the matter and search and find-out pragmatic solution for mutual interests."

On 10 January 2008 in our greetings on the occasion of launching of the re-designed web-site of Interfaith Strength we wrote:

"Both Puritanism and Atheism are menace and mother of intolerant non-religious behavior. Puritans ultimately turn into materialist atheists. It has been proved both in England and Najd (Riyadh). Inflexible dogmatism of so-called Puritanism ultimately drives man into irreligious approach and behavior. Divine religion is much more a non-rigid natural and flexible way to remain obedient to God and receive His Blessings. True religion is based on Faith & Virtues - not on ethnicity."

I urge to review ..and identify the dos and donts and go for activity for common good in the light of

(1) Divine Revelations,

(2) Apostolic Heritage and

(3) Human Experience.