Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Bangladesh Khelafat Andolon Condemned Attack on ISKCON Temple in Dinajpur

Joint Statement by Secretary General Maulana Muhammad Zafarullah Khan and  Minority Affairs Advisor Shree Sanjeeb Chowdhury of Bangladesh Khelafat Andolon (Bangladesh Khelafat Movement):-

We are unequivocally expressing our condemnation of the cowardly attack by  miscreants on ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) Temple in Kaharol Upazila of Dinajpur district in Bangladesh on Thursday, 10 December 2015 night. This dastardly attack proved once again that the conspiracies hatched by the unscrupulous quarters of home and abroad to destroy the prevailing communal harmony in Bangladesh have never been ceased. In recent times, four such attacks occurred in Dinajpur district alone. Several persons were injured, none  was killed in these attacks. Yet these heinous incidents can not be taken lightly.

It is definitely a matter of pride and glory for us that due to the constructive roles played by our religious clergies and spiritual leaders, the venomous elements of communal conflicts did not find favorable environment to spread far and wide in Bangladesh. Nevertheless, the poisonous hands of the assailants are exerting the utmost efforts to tear apart our collective peace, communal harmony and national security. At this critical juncture, all of us irrespective of our religious and communal identities have to be firmly united to decisively defeat these evil forces. All of us are aware that, in the context of the prevailing world situation, the Muslims worldwide are subject to multifarious suspicions. The evil intention of imposing the entire responsibilities of the mysterious offences committed by a handful of perverted, crocked and greedy so-called Muslims on the shoulders of 1.5 billion followers of holy and peaceful religion Islam is vividly visible. Whereas, there is serious doubt whether the remarkable portion of these terrorist elements are Muslims at all.

In this context, the religious scholars have to play pioneering role in the collective efforts to keep Bangladesh free from these menaces. If the religious scholars and spiritual leaders actively pursue the concerted efforts to destroy the ongoing local and foreign conspiracies hatched in the name of so-called religion, we strongly believe that the entire nation will come forward and join them. It is not the time to discharge responsibilities merely by issuing statements sitting at home. We have to be active relying on the help of Allah the Almighty, become united and vigilant to defeat and dismantle these evil forces.

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