Sunday, July 13, 2008


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Dt: DHAKA, Saturday, 12 July 2008.

To: H.R.H. King Abdulllah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, Saudi Arabia.

Cc: H.E. Rev. Chief Rabbi David Rosen, Director of AJC, Chairman of IJCIC, Israel.
  H.E. Rev. Pope Benedict XVI, Vatican.
  H.E.Rev.Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenie, Rahbar, IR Iran.
  H.E. Rev. Maulana Hafez Hamidullah, Secretary General, BKA.
  Dr. Richard L. Benkin, Interfaith Strength, USA.
  Mr. Salahuddin Shoaib Choudhury, Editor, Weekly Blitz.
  Maulana Sheikh Abdus Salam, Convener, Islamic Democratic Party (IDP) 
  Mr.Sanjeeb Chowdhury, Chairman, Human Rights Forum.
  To Whom It May Concern

Re: Interfaith Conference Sponsored by KSA in Madrid July 16-18

Asslamu Alaykum.

We welcome the Saudi initiative to hold a major Interfaith Conference in Madrid July 16-18. We are thankful to Allah Almighty that the Dialogues of which we are also an important component have started yielding result. 

We urge the believers to take care that the evil quarters of atheists, agnostics, racists, perverts and materialists do not infiltrate these Dialogues to ruin its Divine purposes. Interfaith Conferences of the adherents of the Abrahamic Faiths must also be aimed to strengthen the Unity of the Believers particularly of the Monotheists worldwide. Those who are known to be promoter of anti-Faith agenda and homosexuality should not be allowed to sit in such conference as dignitaries and decision makers. 

May Allah Bless the mankind with Faith & Obedience to Allah, to His revealed Divine Scriptures and to the Heritage & Missions of His Messengers.

With best wishes and best regards.
Kazi Azizul Huq 
(ibn Abdulhuq ibn Izzatullah ibn Abdulhamid)

International Affairs Secretary, Bangladesh Khelafat Andolon (BKA). 

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