Monday, April 20, 2009

Refuting BILIA-Heritage report regarding recruits from Madrasa in Bangladesh military

PRESS RELEASE : 20th April 2009

Refuting BILIA-Heritage report regarding recruits from Madrasa in Bangladesh military :
Endorsing The Daily Amardesh Editorial dtd 18-4-9

Bangladesh Khelafat Andolon is pleased to endorse the attached Editorial of the Daily Amardesh of 18th April 2009 refuting the hate-campaign by BILIA and Heritage Foundation simultaneously against Bangladesh Military and Madrasa students.

The editorial has correctly pointed out that in Bangladesh since the Certificates of Qaumi Madrasa is not recognized by our government, those who are qualified from such Madrasa have no scope to be employed in the government or in the military.

Only Government recognized madrasa pupil (i.e. Alia type madrasa under the Bangladesh Madrasa Board) after completion of required level of education are eligible to apply for government services.

So the propaganda regarding Qaumi Madrasa passed recruits in the Bangladesh military is a lie.

In Bangladesh there are many in all sectors of life including scientists, doctors and engineers who in their childhood spent 2-3 years in any Qaumi Madrasa where they learnt to read the Quran and the basics and practices of Islam. Afterwards they moved to government recognized schools or madrasa from where they finally graduated. It is a practice in many western countries also. We know Europeans including diplomats who had their childhood education and grooming in Christian monasteries.

It is a universally agreed right of every community to educate their children in the basics of their religion, morality, ethics, culture, language and scriptures.

In fact those with Madrasa background are likely to be better committed to our national interests than those with so-called general educational background. Maulana Bhashani (r.a.) said that the existing general educational institutions and curriculum are not serving our national purpose. Rather these are continuing to serve as the major breeding grounds of British mercenaries who are responsible for keeping neo-colonial domination on our nation.

We expect the government to act responsibly and independently to free the nation from the mercenaries of domination seeker Euro-American vested quarters.

for Bangladesh Khelafat Andolon

Kazi Azizul Huq,
International Affairs Secretary
Cell: 01819-407963